Caring for Pastors, Chaplains and Missionaries

Providing God-centered, Christ-magnifying, Scripture-saturated, confidential, and accessible shepherding and spiritual refreshment for discouraged, burned out, wounded and hurting pastors, pastoral couples, chaplains, and missionaries.

Why Elijah's Tree?

And there under that broom tree, Elijah found much-needed rest.

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Helping hurting people in ministry who feel like they have no one to turn to.

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I have known Carey and Rynette for the past couple years. As a younger pastor in a rural church of Eastern Montana, Carey and Rynette have been a source of great encouragement to myself and my wife. For me to be able to draw from years of ministry experience and wisdom, Carey has been a valuable mentor, teacher, and friend since we met. Not everything has always been easy here in ministry and Carey has helped me navigate through many different issues. He has been there for advice, wisdom, and support. But not always were our meetings for dealing with issues. Carey is always quick and eager to grab a bite for lunch and sit and talk about God, Christ, the Gospel, the church, and Scripture. I always left those lunches refreshed and eager to get back to the work of ministry here.

Mike Bartelson

Over my 45 years of ministry I have experienced first-hand the critical need for a ministry like Elijah’s Tree to care for burned out, wounded and hurting pastors, chaplains and missionaries.

I have known Carey and Rynette for over 30 years as trusted friends. They have walked with God throughout their lives modeling a Christ-centered marriage. Carey and Rynette are committed to biblically centered counseling with a special compassion and understanding for those hurting and broken in ministry.

Rev. Don Windmiller Youth for Christ, Pastor and Director of Church Relations for Converge Worldwide (Baptist General Conference)

The Elijah's Tree provides a much needed ministry for pastors and their spouse. We are going through major cultural changes which are creating pressure on all of societies institutions. The church is struggling to adapt to the new environment in which it must minister. The stress upon pastors and their families is at an all time high and getting worse. They need help now.

Carey and Rynette Olson are uniquely qualified to provide such a ministry. Having served as senior pastor and wife of a church for years, they have seen first hand the difficulties of giving leadership to the local church. While serving at Rocky Bayou Baptist Church they partnered with The Biblical Counseling Institute to provide counseling services and training to their church and community.

Both Carey and Rynette have an ability to listen and love without judgment. Pastors and their spouses can trust them to understand what they are going through. They are able to combine sound advice with Biblical truths to enlighten and encourage those needing support.  Carey and Rynette have walked the same path, encountered the same pressures and are now equipped to help others along the way.

As pastors, one of the worst things we can do is let our pride cause us not to seek help when we need it. We are not immune to burn out or depression, nor are our families. Elijah's Tree offers hope and help to those who need it most. Do not wait until your ministry and family have been hurt because you were afraid to pick up the phone and ask for help. Elijah's Tree is there for you when you need it. You may trust Carey and Rynette Olson.

Dr. Hershel Adams. Retired Pastor and Associational Missionary of Emerald Coast Fellowship of Baptist Churches

My wife and I have been in ministry for more than 25 years. I serve as senior pastor of a relatively large and complex church. A number of months ago, we spent significant time with the Olsons sharing our hearts and being blessed by their care. We found it easy and natural to discuss our challenges, questions and hurts. Their compassion, biblical wisdom and life experience were a great blessing. They counseled us, encouraged us and prayed for us--and have faithfully prayed for us since then. We have found them to be highly skilled in caring for our souls and gladly commend them to all who serve Christ by serving his people and find themselves burdened, bewildered or weary.

Robert Bishop Redemption Hill Church

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