Our ministries include:

  • In person meetings for those within reasonable driving distance
  • Meeting via a video call
  • In some situations, Carey and Rynette may travel to bring Elijah’s Tree to those desiring their ministry.
  • If pastors, missionaries or chaplains are aware of other peers in their area who would like to receive Elijah’s Tree’s ministry, Carey and Rynette may travel to them and minister to several individuals or couples, perhaps over the span of a week or two.
  • Retreats with Carey and Rynette for “intensive care” near their home in Freeport, FL. Please contact us for details.

Carey is available to provide pulpit supply in local churches, confer with church leaders, and speak at conferences, seminars, retreats, pastors’ fellowships, and denominational gatherings.


Elijah’s Tree is located in Freeport, FL, near the beautiful beach communities of Destin and Santa Rosa Beach in northwest Florida.

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